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About Us

Harbour-Link Line Sdn. Bhd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harbour-Link Group Berhad, a Bursa Malaysia Main Board listed company with headquarter located at Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia. We are a new player in the industry having established ourself in June 2006. Being a new player in the industry, we haven't own a giant size ships that sail to all the ports around the world but with our medium size fleets we have positioned ourself well in certain niche markets. The main driving force behind our existence is our ability to capitalize the good partnership with stakeholders.

Harbour Container



  • To establish our position as one of the leading regional container service providers by providing innovative services to our clients through creativity, efficiency & vitality
  • To seek continuous improvement in all aspects of our operations and to flexible & adaptive to changes
  • To create trust & teamwork among our employees, our clients, contractors and the community
  • To care for our employees, our clients, our community and our environment
  • To carry out our duties with diligence and dedication and taking care of all our shareholder's interest




Aspire to be the preferred regional container service provider